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Loho provide networked services and consultancy, with a focus on voice-over-IP and bespoke solutions.


11th March 2014
We are currently conducting trials of a mobile service, allowing the use of a mobile phone directly as an extension on our services, using normal GSM voice. This is very similar to a service we used to offer, but had to discontinue when the previous carrier (Three) pulled out - this service is provided on top of O2, and is part of a much larger series of services they offer, so has less chance of being discontinued in the same way.

If you would like to take part in our trials or be kept up to date as to general availability of the service, please contact us.
13th September 2010
We are pleased to announce that we are now officially a member of ITSPA - The Internet Telephony Service Providers' Association!


We can help with any needs relating to your IT projects and/or VoIP systems.

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Telecoms: VoIP, SMS

Often overlooked as an option, VoIP can be a very reliable, flexible and low-cost solution to company communications.

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Virtual Machine Technologies

Whether you need a small Linux® machine to store files offsite, or to host a large interactive Windows® system, we can provide a range of virtual hosting solutions to suit your needs.

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Web and Email Hosting

We can provide web hosting for any website at any scale and fully managed email solutions to suit your business.

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